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Welcome to the Nonprofit Tool Vault e-Learning Center where your learning is central to the successful growth of your nonprofit organization.

Many non profit organizations struggle to get started and once started, to sustain their operations.  Building your organization's capacity to effectively operate will help you realize the vision that propelled you to start the nonprofit organization.

Capacity Building encompasses all of the activities that improve an organization's ability to achieve its mission effectively and sustain itself over the long term.

Key factors for building a healthy organization are:

Strong Board of Directors

Good Planning

Being true to the organization's Mission, Vision, and Values

Strong infrastructure


Strong Service Delivery


Good Communication

Clear Roles and Responsibilities for Board of Directors, Staff, and Volunteers

The "Nonprofit Tool Vault" Tool Vault offers information through our e-Learning Center in the form of articles, videos, and special reports that help you solve problems such as:

*  How to Get Committed Board of Directors

*  Effective Non profit Board Leadership

*  Tips for Having an Efficient Non profit Board Meeting

*  How to Get Donors

*  How to Raise Funds for Your Non profit

*  How to Develop a Fundraising Plan

*  How to Develop a Strategic Plan

*  How to Host Successful Fundraising Events


The e-Learning Center is central to the successful growth of your non profit organization. Here is where you have access to Attorney Karmen's articles, videos, special reports, power point presentations, and eBooks.   
This is truly your "Vault" of learning and discovery. 

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